Saturday, 17 November 2012

Just a quick one...

Day 100
265 Days Remaining

Just a quick blog post to note today's date: It has been one hundred days since I started my dating hiatus.
I should be feeling more celebratory; I'm not.  I feel as though I've let myself down - couldn't even get to 100 days before my resolve failed and I gave in to temptation.

Yep, sort of had a little bit of snuggling the other day.  Yep, sort of more than just snuggling.  Kissed my crush and felt perfectly fine with it at the moment and even for a while afterward, but not now.  Now I am feeling conflicted and slightly upset. I have friends who say "The dating hiatus is under your control: you decide when to start it and when to end it, and you can break it if you want," but I didn't want to break it.  At the very least I wanted to get to know someone really well before allowing anything to happen.

I had to remind myself when I looked at my blog today and saw that I described it as "My attempt to spend one solid year without dating in any way, shape or form."  Attempt.  I can't come down too hard on myself, and I also won`t start over from Day 1 again or say that I`ve ruined it for the year.  I may have made a mistake and I can move on from it.  Isn`t that what this whole thing is about?  It's not the worst mistake I could make but it sure is a reminder.

As to who this mystery guy is, I'm going to call him Fig.  As in instead of a swear word.  As in, Aw, fig; I really like this guy, or Aw fig, this might make the next 265 days difficult.  Or Aw, FIG!  NOW WHAT?!

Today also would have been my third anniversary with HB.  Weird how I always remember those dates.

Here's to the second 100 days.  If I get there.


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